Into the valley of the shadow…

Sometimes the best way to confront what appears to be a bad situation is head on.

A certain individual associated with the Catholic church in Ubaúna has taken it upon himself to put an end to this infernal Gospel for Brazil movement. A want-to-be priest, this 26 year old fellow is the primary lead of the local Catholic church. It would be proper to call him fanatical.

He has seen many of his flock, especially the children and teenagers, “abandon ship” for the more exciting activity that takes place at the GFB church a few block away. He has watched the community begin to embrace the pastor and his wife of this church and has seen his own influence begin to wane.

He took it upon himself to stop this dastardly “cult” with a simple campaign: tell the parents that if they allowed their children to continue to frequent “that” church that they would burn in hell for all eternity. They would not have the benefit of purgatory where the parents might have a chance to pray them out. The parents’ souls may even be in danger of the same punishment. And, to make the offering sufficiently “enticing,” the children would be excommunicated from the church and would never be allowed to return.

You’ve got to admit, that is pretty convincing in a society that sees the church as having that kind of authority.

The numbers say he’s been quite successful in his campaign — almost 40 children and teenagers have stopped attending.

So, how do you respond?

The Joe school of public relations says you go knock on his door and have a sitdown heart to heart. That is exactly what was done on Sunday.

But he wasn’t home.

So we’ll try again on Monday.


One response to “Into the valley of the shadow…

  1. This young fellow may claim “membership” in the Roman Catholic Church, but it is apparent that he has no understanding of what “the one true and catholic church” is! The word catholic means united and universal. It appears that there is nothing about this man that desires unity. So…..I say sic him team!

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