Old Timey Prayer Meeting

One of the really interesting things about Ubaúna is its ability to heighten spiritual awareness. It doesn’t matter what you bring to the table, you can rest assured that you are going to get more than you bargained for.

Last night, thirty minutes before the beginning of the evening service, all the pastors and workers, both Brazilian and American, got together to pray “for a few minutes.”

An hour later, they surfaced, slightly dazed, definitely in awe and buzzing with excitement. Yes, they were thirty minutes late to the service. Yes, they felt bad that they left people waiting. No, they were not repentant at what happened.

In a proverbial “upper room,” the Spirit decided to show up with a couple of gifts. People were healed, spiritual gifts were transferred, a spiritual whirlwind burst into the room and everyone, eyes wet, minds reeling and legs wobbly, was caught by surprise.

Even today, most of us are wondering what took place. The awe is still in place.

We’re going back for a second helping tonight.

We ARE starting an hour before service this time…

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