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Sandstorm II

Just got off the phone with Jeremy.

“Dad, remember the sandstorm y’all called out the other day? Intel confirmed that there was indeed a rocket waiting for us. Because of the sandstorm we were invisible and they couldn’t locate us. Your prayers saved us!”

He also said his “boss” told him to pass along his gratitude for covering the detachment with prayer and making them invisible.

And, that we could pray for them any time we way to!

So, on behalf of the soldiers serving with my son, thank you!


God of the Sandstorm

If you’ve followed my post this week, you saw the one about the green dot.

My son in the army in Iraq was in a precarious position, life-threatening. Hundreds of folks back here in began to pray. The theme that many of them centered on was on making him and his fellow soldiers invisible to the enemy.

God responded with the unthinkable, though exactly in the way he was petitioned.

A massive sandstorm that created an absolute blackout situation for more than eight hours swooped down on them at practically the moment they headed out. For the enemy to attack, it was imperative for them to be able to see the soldiers. Though slow going for the soldiers to get back to their forward operating base, they arrived safely, without incident, because of the sandstorm.

The sandstorm was their protector.

Your thunder roared from the whirlwind;
xxxxxthe lightning lit up the world!
xxxxxThe earth trembled and shook.
Your road led through the sea,
xxxxxyour pathway through the mighty waters—
xxxxxa pathway no one knew was there!
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx—Psalms 77:18-19

I am awed that I serve the God of the sandstorm…

Green dot!!!

I got the green dot!!

Wow! Talk about a good feeling…

Now, here’s the really cool part. Talking with Jeremy (yes! a real, live phone call!), he said:

Dad, it was the strangest thing. A massive sandstorm came up and completely blinded everything. We drove back invisible; the bad guys couldn’t see us so they couldn’t attack us.

Guess what? Hundreds of folks, literally, have been praying since last night that Jeremy and his fellow soldiers would be invisible to the enemy!

Thank you everyone! Thank you!

The red dot

Any of you do Facebook?

I just learned it’s instant message feature the other day from my eldest child (us older folks can be a bit slow at times). Since learning of it and talking with my son yesterday in Iraq with it, I’ve become fixated on it today.

When someone is online, the little dot next to their name is green. If you have them in your cue, and they’re not online, the dot is red.

I’m waiting for the red dot to turn green…

Now, explain why we’re still there?

I dare you to tell me what we’re still doing in Iraq. jeremy-iraq

…we lost our first guy on Easter. Two were injured. One, the guy I know and talked to just two days prior, lost both legs both arms and an eye the other got shrapnel in his face…

…because of some intel we have gotten, tomorrow’s mission is the first one I am worried about…

…there are suspected EFPs , explosively formed penetraters, on our route. Five of them. That is what killed and injured the guys on Easter. Those can go through tanks like a hot knife through butter.

That’s my son talking. My son…

Want my opinion?

Iraq Address

For all of you who’ve asked for my son’s address in Iraq, it is:

SPC Carr, Jeremy T.
HHC 2-27 In. PSD
FOB Summerall
APO/ AE 09393

Thank you so much for your interest!

Iraq Rewind

My son is back in Iraq again.

Our politicians continue to spew rhetoric like the sound of the southern end of a north bound mule.

Political views aside, I don’t like it when my child becomes the object of anyone’s insatiable desire for power. These politicians in particular do not make me proud to be an American or offer up my offspring as a sacrifice to their worldviews.

When I have to hold my nose while voting because the stench of my choices is overwhelming, I find that I’m also having to hold my breath because these politicians are using my son as a political pawn who could be sacrificed for their own –not national– interests.

Shame on both parties for producing such subpar, and dangerous, candidates.

How would you sleep at night if you knew your son’s life rested in their hands?