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Hiding Easter Eggs with a Helicopter

Some things are just simply crazy.

Why in the world would you want to drop Easter Eggs out of a helicopter? 30,000 of them at that?

Especially when just hours prior to starting time there were tornado warnings, drenching rain and  high winds.

It all seems like the makings of a disaster movie, doesn’t it?

Lifepoint Church did it. Know what it produced?

10,000+ people! That was almost 10% of the Wilmington population!


More observations to come…


She almost wrecked my hair

I don’t like getting haircuts.

Not really sure why.

I don’t like going to the dentist either; but, that’s pretty obvious. Haircuts? I’m clueless.

Having to get one the other day because I’d stretched the last one several weeks beyond it’s presentable lifespan, I stopped in to see Pat, my barber. I really mean no disrespect by that tag. She says she is the “Senior Stylist;” since there’s not a lot of “styling” going on with my mop, I refer to her as my barber.

She just smiles a smile that says she’d like to hurt me.

So, sitting in her chair, she starts telling me about her weekend plans on Easter.

She does like to talk.

She’s going here and she’s going there, doing this and doing that. Almost as an after thought, she asks me what I’m doing.

“Dropping 30,000 Easter eggs out of a helicopter.”

It really hurt!

She yanked those scissors backwards with several hefty locks of my snowy white hair so fast that I thought she’d jabbed them, point first, into my scalp!

“You’re doing WHAT?” she practically screamed.

You know how women sit under those electronic beehives to dry their hair in a beauty salon? You know how much noise they make? Well, Pat’s screech was so loud that at least 10 women, head in beehive, twisted their head towards us with such ferocity that I feared they’d gotten whiplash.

I have no clue how they heard anything with all that noise. Pat should be proud of her lungs.

So, rubbing my head, I proceeded to tell her about the Lifepoint Easter Egg Drop at Ashley on the Saturday before Easter. She lamented that she would be out of state because she’d definitely come to see that. When she heard that it was a church doing it, she spun my chair around to face her, stared at me for what felt like five minutes and said with confidence, “no way!”

“Way.” was all I could muster.

“That must be some kinda church…”

To which I replied:

“You have no idea!

Why don’t you take one of these pretty orange cards with the eggs coming out of the helicopter so you can find us when you come visit…”

Lifepoint! Flick your bic’s!

Ever been to a concert and the headline act does a masterful job with their talents? The audience will acknowledge this masteryjeff-drew with a simple act of pulling out their cigarette lighters, flicking them on and holding them high over their heads.

For my fellow Lifepointers, I want you to know that pastor Jeff and pastor Drew slammed several long balls out of the park and are deserving of a bic flick.

You already know that they are both talented fellows. They were put into a tough environment and responded above the call of duty. If you could have just seen them on Wednesday night alone, you would have stuck your chest out and strutted around like a rooster.

Music, preaching, healing, praying, loving… both gave everything, and then some.

Just thought you should know…

Sunday Ruminations a bit late

Funny thing I’ve discovered… when you’re tired its hard to write coherently.

Sunday was an interesting day. By the time it was over I was in no state to figure out what state I was in. Lots of thoughts running through the gray matter and not much of it making sense.

On Christmas Eve 2006 I posted a description of how my Sunday mornings were typically conducted. Around 6:30 a.m. I would engage in a shoving contest with folding cafeteria tables in an attempt to clear the floor of a middle school cafeteria for little kids to meet Jesus.

Twenty months later the contest is over.

What was a handful of children with a couple of adults has been transformed into more than a hundred children and hundreds upon hundreds of adults invading said middle school to the point of bursting. Sunday was the last day in the facility. We are moving to much larger accommodations at a high school.

I walked among the folded tables for a few moments before the kids began to arrive. They were folded in their upright positions, almost like soldiers standing at attention. The lights were dim; as I walked in the midst of these “beasts” that had given me such a hard time for more than 125 Sundays, it dawned on me what had actually transpired during all those months. The kids had indeed met Jesus.

Within an hour we would witness 60 people putting on Jesus in baptism. In that number were several of the children who had met him because the cafeteria tables had been manhandled from their guardian positions on the floor. Within an hour all hell would be thrown from that middle school by the power of heaven itself and there would be raucous and wild celebration of joy as people embraced the Kingdom. The enthusiasm and excitement were intoxicating.

But in that moment, alone with my foes, there was satisfaction.

Sunday night before leaving Tuesday night…

Today was a long day…

…but a good one!

Things were cranking at Lifepoint today. Seriously, it isn’t typical to worship God by beating on metal trashcans, having a Jimmy Hendrixish electric guitar national anthem and having humvees and soldiers running around… but we did! And the energy that was generated was electric!

Meetings on Sunday afternoons don’t normally rate high up on my favorite thing to do list. Today did! The energy behind the planning that drives Lifepoint is amazing. If you are a Lifepointer, know that the near future holds some activity that will rock Monkey Junction. We are serious about taking Wilmington for Jesus — if it were easy, it would have been done long ago. How does that expression go… “when the going gets tough…?”

I’m proud of our team. A little spiritual challenge this afternoon was met with gusto and bravado by several of your leaders. In case you didn’t know it, Lifepoint’s leadership takes Kingdom growth seriously!

Finally, my day is concluding with packing the last of the bags for Brasil. We’re leaving Tuesday evening and I’ve managed to fill up 9 duffle bags with teaching materials and clothing. They weigh in at a whopping 600 pounds! That would make the gospel a heavyweight in my book.

Time to put this day to bed…


Heard an unpreacher preacherman knock one out of the park yesterday.

Always refreshing to see and hear a fellow present Jesus in a way that grabs you by the short hairs (yeah, I know, not a very religious thing to say… but I don’t hold religion in a real high estimation anyways 🙂 ).

Way to go Dave!

700 Club at Lifepoint

We popped out over 700 again today at Lifepoint. Amazing.

I never knew that seating and serving 700+ could be so much work. We ran out of chairs to seat people.


Nice problem to have.

Lots of folks hurting; lots of folks looking for something better; lots of folks crying today. Seems discussions of pain and suffering hit a sensitive spot.

Appears that little ol’ Lifepoint Church is coming of age. The ante is going up.