Daily Archives: January 20, 2009

Countdown clock = 0:00

I have a neat little application on my desktop – a countdown clock.

You put in any date and it starts to count down to that event.

Ubaúna has been on it for month. I just looked at it. It read “0:00:00.” That means I’m about to get on Delta flight 0090 straight to Fortaleza.

I think that maybe the end really means the beginning…


Off we go…

Wow! Talk about eventful starts…

The talk yesterday of the massive blizzard that was to hit didn’t live up to the mammoth proportions that it was heralded to be. It did, however, create some interesting times for our noble band in getting from Wilmington to Raleigh.

We were thrust out of Wilmington with a flurry, literally. It was coming down hard and fast and covered the ground. A pitstop in Burgaw saw clear ground with little climatic activity; just a few miles down the road the story was quite different. Can you say “whiteout?”

Crawling along at 20 mph, I was glad we’d left early enough to make it to RDU even at that speed. It was at that point that I got a call from Delta saying “your flight has been canceled.”


But the automated voice went on to say that Delta had “taken care of us” and had rebooked us another flight.

Making it into Raleigh, we got safely checked in and are sitting at the gate awaiting our new flight.

With inches and inches of white stuff on the ground, runways clear, it is actually rather cozy feeling.