About me


I’m just a nobody.

My kids call me “dad;” my grandkids call me “vovô” (Portuguese for “granddaddy”); my parents call me because they love me; my wife calls me whenever (and whatever) she wants and I’m happy when she does. My wife is my queen and I’m ecstatic that she is!

I am the founder and president of Gospel for Brazil. GFB is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization devoted to making a difference in the lives of one of the world’s neglected populations. Our emphasis is on the inhabitants of the interior of the state of Ceará, especially on the micro-region of Coreaú and in particular on the villa of Ubaúna and the surrounding vicinity. We are committed to working in partnership with Brazilians. We seek to provide logistical and financial assistance to Brazilian laborers to win the lost, plant local churches and address the needs of the inhabitants living in extreme poverty.

In particular, I have a heart for the children. Part of our outreach is through Seed of Hope, a child sponsorship program to provide food, clothing, rudimentary health care and education to children living in this desert region.

My ruminations are simply insights into my head; often about the interior northeast of Brazil, and just as often about the flux of my faith. Feel free to persuse them as often as you’d like. I’m just “chewing the cud” and observing what comes up.


16 responses to “About me

  1. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to drop by and say hey and its nuce u have a blog!! Take care bro!

    In Christ,

  2. joe…I’m gonna put your link on my blogspot…if you don’t mind…drop me an email

  3. It’s a great men.
    Joe I really want speak with you. Please send me an email, to me take your adress.


  4. Joe,

    Just wondering if you have any relationship to Governor Caleb Carr (1695) of Rhode Island.

    While going thru family writings and photos preserved by my grandmother and given to me by my dad, which I received a few months before he died, I found a connection in my grandmother’s lineage to Caleb Carr.


  5. beyond bluestockings

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog. Very enjoyable business reading you thoughts, thanks!

  6. Hi Joe,
    We are anciosos for the your arrival. The children are happy and lively in reviewing them.
    Abração Vovô.

  7. acountrydoctorwrites

    Hello. I don’t know how you found me, but I found you through your comment on my blog. I am Swedish and knew early on I had to live in the US. Once here, I got into Brazilian music, and listen to stuff I can’t understand a word of…from Jobim to Djavan. You sound pretty eclectic, too. I’ll be back…

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  9. Hi!! Thank you for praying with us Saturday night!!! I forgot the name of that book already. Thank you Joe for being an encouragement to us!

  10. Hey! Have fun in Brazil. I was wondering if you could be on facebook. Many people from Southside are on it. JP told us your challenge about reading the Bible. That is very cool. I have a different challenge for myself but similiar. I am going to learn 2 verses a week for a whole year.

  11. Thanks Joe. We have been quietly letting this percolate away for a couple of weeks now and have some good figures on which to work. Over this weekend, I will be putting some of them into context and publishing an update. Cheers Lesley

  12. You are not a nobody….You are needed and you seem like an Awesome!! person!!! God bless!!!!

  13. Good Day

    I am Ubaúna I work with videos or rather am trying to work it very slowly because it is a municipality that does not run tevesse money if some form of employment as a factory or industry Development also greatly improve the area.

  14. this is the first time I read your blog. I am impressed. Keep writing. Thank you.

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