Inquistive people want to know…

Of all the things I’ve posted over the years, my “little ol’ lady” being God’s spokesman has generated quite a tempest in a teapot! Everything from “Who is she?” to “How’d she do that?” to “What did God say to you?” to “How in the world did God speak to you?”

Even I have been thinking quite a bit about it since last weekend.

So, I thought I’d post a bit over the next few days about it. Bite-size nuggets, so to speak; this whole topic is rather fraught with what might be perceived as “tiger traps.” I’ve come to understand that it isn’t a difficult or even a mature “spiritual” issue –it’s just talking with the Creator– but for some reason it sure does seem to get folks riled up.

Having said that, the first thing that seems to make sense to address is, “who was that masked woman?”

Simple answer: Betty Ladner. Her description of herself is someone who is “moving in the prophetic, teaching, healing and deliverance ministry.” Her site doesn’t really provide significant data, but it is mildly informative.

Word has it that she’ll be coming to Wilmington in the near future. You just might want to catch her if she does (if I know in advance, I’ll post date, time and place).

The other item that folks have been inquiring about: “So, just how did God speak to you?”

As they say, stay tuned…


One response to “Inquistive people want to know…

  1. patrickandchristy

    Heck, she looks younger than you Joe. You offended her AND you. LOL. I checked out her site. Very interesting. I may see if I can catch her when we go home to NC for Christmas.

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