Now that the smoke has settled

Many, many months of hoopla are now history. I’m sincerely glad about that.

This is what I came across this morning:

When the country is in chaos,
everybody has a plan to fix it-
But it takes a leader of real understanding
to straighten things out.     —Proverbs 28:2

Seems Solomon knew all about political campaigns…


6 responses to “Now that the smoke has settled

  1. patrickandchristy

    Now that the smoke has settled, we may soon realize that we tossed our spiritual well-being into that fire with our vote yesterday. I think my spirit saw satan dancing a jig in Grant Park last night.

    Our might as a country has nothing to do with our economy, our educational system, the environment, etc., etc.. It has everything to do with God and the importance we place on building a country that will honor God’s Word with our actions. Quickly, we are removing God from our society and weakening the foundation. Sigh….my spirit grieves today.

  2. Nope! Don’t think so at all. God is in control… always has been, always will be.

    If he can use Nebuchadnezzar, who ranks up there with the absolute cruelest of rulers, for His purposes to punish His own people, why would we be surprised or upset if he were to use someone today?

    Also, do you really know of what you speak or are you accepting the popular hype that is so easily slung across the internet? Perhaps you ought to take a BC Powder and calm down a tad.

    Just to be the, ahem, devil’s advocate for a moment… are you REALLY that pleased with the spiritual level of our current leadership, Mr. Bush included? Would McCain REALLY have done anything different?

    Appears to me that you’ve got your panties in a wad for no real good reason…

  3. patrickandchristy

    Joe, I KNOW that God is in COMPLETE control, and I KNOW that His Will is being played out in front of our eyes. Obama’s win has been known to God since the beginning of time. It is playing out exactly as it should. God has a specific purpose in this but no one knows what that truly is.

    Am I pleased with the spiritual level of our current leadership? Absolutely not, and that’s including the leadership in our churches. Would McCain have done better? Not sure of that one either. For me, it really wasn’t about the candidates. I think we could have done better. I did my best, to the extent humanly possible, to vote according to God’s principles and His Word. I don’t know the true heart of either guy and what they stand for before the election could be different after but the Bible is clear about abortion, homosexuality and the importance of families centered in God’s Word. I feel that Obama would take us further from God’s Word than McCain would and that the freedom of Christians to openly worship God would be more secure under McCain. Not completely secure but more so. But I also know that the Bible is clear about the persecution of Christians in the End Times.

    Really, my biggest disappointment isn’t who was elected President but in how apathetic and timid we (Christians) were in having a voice in this election. I believe we had a chance to make a loud statement for God and to remind people that this country was founded on God’s principles and our need to repent and turn back to God instead of running 1,000 mph away from God.

    Joe, I may not be the brightest guy and I may not be the most educated Christian but I know that God has given me a gift to discern things with my spirit and I trust my spirit. When my spirit is troubled deeply about something and I sense that God is laying something on my heart, I share it. It’s not important whether people agree with it or think I’m “too wound up”. I hope you know me enough to know I’m not going to just read something on the internet and then take up the “crusade” just because of something I read over the internet. I may not have 14 Ph.D’s but give me a little more credit.

    Am I worried? NO! I know my God will provide for me and my family regardless of what is going on around me. I will continue to do my best to show this world Jesus Christ and point them to him. I know I often fail at this but I like to think I get it right sometimes.

    Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate it coming from someone I love and admire and would go to battle with…again. I need this but in this case I know what my spirit is telling me clearly. Give Arimar a hug for us.

  4. Hang on my little pitbull buddy! 😀

    Not denigrating what the Spirit is telling you — I’m on the same page. Ever heard the expression “you can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar?” That might be more appropriate at the moment.

    The Spirit is a gentleman and will not force himself or his ways on anyone. He can let you know that “something is rotten in Denmark” but then allow you to run off like a Chinese fire drill instead of remaining calm in his presence.

    I know far too well… that was me for years (and still is a whole lot more than it isn’t 😦 )

    Neither do I have 14 Ph.D.’s; but I have learned that I do not trust my spirit because it has led me astray more times than I care to mention. However, I do trust THE Spirit and am learning to listen to him a whole lot more and longer than I ever have in the past.

    We are not going to change the spirit-deadened believer, nor the unbeliever, for that matter. But if, just if, we can get their attention in a way that does not throw up the warning flags of their traditions, then we might find that we have a real revolution/awakening on our hands.

    And wouldn’t that be cool…

  5. patrickandchristy

    Growl, Growl!!! LOL! Okay…okay, I hear you more clearly now. I’m still learning how to temper the message and not be so “vinegery.” I’ve learned a lot in this arena but still can do better. Christy’s real good at softening me (somewhat). Like I said, I need people who will do that.

    And no, I don’t trust MY spirit but always trust the Spirit of my Lord. The problem is allowing myself to be quiet enough to clearly hear it. This is what gets me into trouble and creates problems for myself. In this case, I do believe the my discernment is clear but agree that I may need to soften the message due to the sensitive atmosphere surrounding the election and it’s worldly significance.

    I wish I could force people to change but learned a long time ago that I can’t. I can’t make people feel or believe a certain way but I do try to plant the seeds that God has given me to sow. Sometimes the soil (soul/spirit) is harder though, and that’s the dilema…how do you break through so the seed can germinate? Do I use a shovel, hand shovel or jackhammer or do I just throw the seed onto the ground and hope it finds its way. I know it’s God part how this happens but different people need different methods of planting so how do I know what method to use??? Ahhh, I guess it all comes back to being quiet enough to hear the directions that God’s Spirit is giving to me.

    I tend to have more mercy and grace toward non-Christians and tend to be hard on Christians because I know we should know better. We are the warriors. We are the ones that have to point to Christ and our weakness and apathy and eagerness to dilute or downright twist/change God’s Word really burns me. I know…..I need to learn how to have/show more mercy and grace toward them as well.

    No, I didn’t mean you had 14 Ph.D’s (you do have 12 don’t you?). Honestly, the comment about just believing the hype online without having a clue irritated me a little . I didn’t think I was coming across as being blind and stupid. Anyway, everything is good with me. I appreciate the counsel and hope you will continue as needed. Love ya my brother. We’re ready for another trip South. I’m looking at five early on. I’ll keep you posted.

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