Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

Minor ruminations on a rainy Saturday

  • I’m amazed at how many folks continually hit my bit on how I hate Perry Noble; I’m also amazed at how stupid people are.
  • The “magic” that is created around Newsping and Perry is incredible (translation: the Spirit acts where folks are seeking Him)
  • I’m amazed and astounded at how life plays out; Proverbs 17:6… how’d He know?
  • A friend is a rare commodity; you should spend your life to find, and hold on to, ten. Solomon understood.
  • G-Map by XRoad for the iPhone is the bomb! (As I understand it, that is good 😀 ). Big time GPS turn by turn for $19.99. Impressive.
  • I love talking with folks who’re running after Jesus. Kudos to Mark Love and company at Journey Church in Chattanooga; interesting things will be happening there sooner than they think, even though their logo looks like Chanel.
  • Road trips, especially unplanned and spur of the moment ones, can be fun.
  • I’m ready for next week to begin; much interesting on the radar.
  • Bummed that I’ll miss Lifepoint on Sunday.
  • Wondering when Paul put all the new stuff into 1 Corinthians.
  • I didn’t obey my pastor; he said to only read the first chapter of Philippians this past week. I read the whole book. Does that make me a bad person or just one who can’t follow instructions?

Kirk out…