Understandable mistake

A lady comes into my office yesterday. She is grumpy, kinda mean.

She tells me why she’s come in, wants me to feed her everything I know and can look up about her condition. She’s not happy with my answers, questions where I went to school. Said my office was too dark and wanted to know why it was so cold. Disparaged my paintings, said my bookcase was too cluttered and questioned the way I dressed. She complained the entire time, took up time that wasn’t hers, making me late to see the next person and then said I was rushing her.

As she was checking out she insisted that the girls go get me, that I leave the next patient and come out to the desk. “I can’t believe you are going to charge me!” she indignantly exclaimed.

My response was a simple: ” Ma’am, I think you confused this office visit with going to church…” Then I turned and went back to the other patient.



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