“Twilight” — good moniker

Yeah, I’m strange. But don’t let that fool you.

Let me see if I can make some friends…

The movie and books are targeted to adolescent girls.  350 different fan websites are now on the internet averaging 31 female fans for every male. The demonic is after our daughters. It’s a part of the devil’s ancient war on women. – Steve Hickey

The Twilight Saga is a Gateway drug –  lowering inhibitions and desensitizing.  It creates a fantasy world where girls experience Edward’s advances vicariously within their own imaginations – Spies Unica

I’ve seen and experienced much. This, and more, makes me nervous. I often have to deal with the aftermath.

Satan is wise, experienced and is determined to destroy us.

Evil has a world-class marketing department and they are masters at packaging stuff to touch deep needs in the human heart. And there is no sector of our society more receptive and vulnerable than adolescent girls. – Steve Hickey

For what it’s worth…


One response to ““Twilight” — good moniker

  1. Just curious…..what did you think as you read the books?

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