God of the Angel Armies

David’s stride became longer, his embrace larger—yes, God-of-the-Angel-Armies was with him!

I read this and immediately I wanted it!

Friday night I went to an Afro-American church in Bolton. We definitely had raised eyes glancing in our direction when we walked in. Imagine the surprise of everyone present when the visiting pastor stopping preaching, pointed at me standing in the back and boomed, “You, sir, in the white shirt! Every head in the place, well over 400 by my calculations, turned and stared at me and my little queen.

There I was, in jeans and white shirt; everyone else was in suits. The minor detail that I and my wife were the only whites in the joint didn’t escape my attention, either. I was neither embarrassed nor taken aback. I’d actually expected it.

I stood to attention, looked at him and simply stated, “At your service, sir. Tell me the message.”

For a moment there was no one else present in that crowded building, just he and I. Our eyes were locked, he raised his right hand and pointed at me. He said:

The presence of the Lord Almighty is on you! You, sir, are walking and will walk in a grand manner in the Kingdom, followed and surrounded by supernatural power. The Lord of Hosts has been waiting for you.

The moment was over. We left several minutes later.

I dreamed dreams of the Kingdom. When I woke, the verse above found it’s way before my eyes.

Yeah, I want it…


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