I’ve just completed two weeks of hard core traveling. I’ve been through Atlanta so many times that I’m beginning to see it as “home.”

Traveling always wears you out. The going is fun and exciting, the return is less so. Together, they make you tired. Fighting traffic on the road or in the air (that sounds odd, doesn’t it? How do you “fight traffic” in the air… but you do!) causes your body to expend huge amounts of resources. Tack that on to going non-stop at the places you’ve gone and you have one tired puppy.

Getting in last night, though physically tired, I noticed that I was actually charged up. Instead of going to bed like a normal person who only had gotten 20 hours of sleep over the last six days, I was up to midnight.

I’ve still got lots of travel on my agenda for the rest of the year. Some very tiring travel. But I can hardly wait!

Why? This is driving me hard.

(more to come…)


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