This space has served me well.

Having no clue what the word “blog” even meant three years  and over 1200 posts ago, WordPress has made it extremely easy to delve into the wonders of online thought-casting.

I’ve known for a while that I needed to graduate to a more robust platform but have delayed doing so. I’ve enjoyed riding my spider bike! But, with all the changes swirling around me, I’m in need of a knarley Harley.

So, I’m in the process for prepping new space. By the time I head to Brazil before Christmas, will be live and will take over the responsibilities from The new site is up and is mirroring this one. If you subscribe, you may want to go ahead and make the change. The new site will still see multiple changes before the official switch, but it is fully active now.

I’ll warn you a couple of times over the next few weeks.

I can’t afford to lose both of my readers (thanks mom and dad!).


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