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Tough choice

The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx–Delos McKown


Intellectual Arrogance

I’m coming across authors who wrote some pretty good stuff.

The interesting thing is that they wrote it when I was in grad school and they weren’t much older than I at the time (I suppose they still aren’t much older than I now). I even vaguely remember hearing their names while in school and in full-time ministry but simply dismissing them because they weren’t in my “politically correct” (“church correct” is more appropriate) circles that I followed, read or associated with.

Now, almost 30-something years later, their writings and ideas have finally found my desk again. This time, I’m listening.

What’s irritating is that this is really good stuff. It is having a profound impact on me. Had my brain not been so full of mush way back then, how might these ideas have influenced me over the three decades that have passed? How might I have been able to influence, help and encourage countless others during that time?

I’m not crying over spilt milk; I am upset at my intellectual arrogance. I thought I had it all figured out and that caused me to tune out the very folks who could have propelled me forward in significant ways. Instead, I took the intellectual equivalence of sticking my head in the toilet and flushing. Not a good thing. Not only did I suffer, but I robbed others as well.

In a day when the internet is full of innuendos and attacks on people’s character and gossip is traded as a legitimate currency of truth, it is my desire to not stick my head in that toilet and flush. There is no place for arrogance, ever.

Black Friday


I meant to be up at 3:00 a.m. to make the 4:00 a.m. Black Friday opening of the stores this morning.

Now my whole Christmas is ruined…


Understandable mistake

A lady comes into my office yesterday. She is grumpy, kinda mean.

She tells me why she’s come in, wants me to feed her everything I know and can look up about her condition. She’s not happy with my answers, questions where I went to school. Said my office was too dark and wanted to know why it was so cold. Disparaged my paintings, said my bookcase was too cluttered and questioned the way I dressed. She complained the entire time, took up time that wasn’t hers, making me late to see the next person and then said I was rushing her.

As she was checking out she insisted that the girls go get me, that I leave the next patient and come out to the desk. “I can’t believe you are going to charge me!” she indignantly exclaimed.

My response was a simple: ” Ma’am, I think you confused this office visit with going to church…” Then I turned and went back to the other patient.


Crossing the Jordan

Get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them…  I will give you every place where you set your foot —Joshua

When the Spanish explorer Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon came into the Cape Fear region in 1526, what is now call the Cape Fear River, was christened as the Jordan River.

How appropriate… and prophetic.

I’ve done many things in my life. What is interesting is the circuitous path it has been. I find myself at a curious point in time, in many ways at the same place I was thirty-six years ago. Only now the situation is different and I am more prepared for, and committed to, a task that looms in front of me.

I’m about to cross the Jordan.

I, along with two fellow sojourners (John McIntyre and Travis Currin) and a small band of pilgrims, am going to plant a church in Leland, on the other side of the Jordan (Cape Fear) River.

“Leland” means “protected land,” “land lying fallow.” The idea is a field that has been at rest in order to become more productive when sown. Leland is indeed such a place.

Under the title: “Leland to match Wilmington’s population by 2025,”the Star News states that the population of Leland could reach 100,000 within fifteen years. In 2006, Brunswick County, where Leland is located, was already ranked as the 29th fastest growing county in the U.S.

This, along with other factors, has made Leland our target. The “land lying fallow” is primed for planting.

“River of Leland” will be the name of the church. Many more details will be forthcoming; our first worship and informational meeting will be on December 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Comfort Suites Magnolia Green in Leland.

“Twilight” — good moniker

Yeah, I’m strange. But don’t let that fool you.

Let me see if I can make some friends…

The movie and books are targeted to adolescent girls.  350 different fan websites are now on the internet averaging 31 female fans for every male. The demonic is after our daughters. It’s a part of the devil’s ancient war on women. – Steve Hickey

The Twilight Saga is a Gateway drug –  lowering inhibitions and desensitizing.  It creates a fantasy world where girls experience Edward’s advances vicariously within their own imaginations – Spies Unica

I’ve seen and experienced much. This, and more, makes me nervous. I often have to deal with the aftermath.

Satan is wise, experienced and is determined to destroy us.

Evil has a world-class marketing department and they are masters at packaging stuff to touch deep needs in the human heart. And there is no sector of our society more receptive and vulnerable than adolescent girls. – Steve Hickey

For what it’s worth…

God of the Angel Armies

David’s stride became longer, his embrace larger—yes, God-of-the-Angel-Armies was with him!

I read this and immediately I wanted it!

Friday night I went to an Afro-American church in Bolton. We definitely had raised eyes glancing in our direction when we walked in. Imagine the surprise of everyone present when the visiting pastor stopping preaching, pointed at me standing in the back and boomed, “You, sir, in the white shirt! Every head in the place, well over 400 by my calculations, turned and stared at me and my little queen.

There I was, in jeans and white shirt; everyone else was in suits. The minor detail that I and my wife were the only whites in the joint didn’t escape my attention, either. I was neither embarrassed nor taken aback. I’d actually expected it.

I stood to attention, looked at him and simply stated, “At your service, sir. Tell me the message.”

For a moment there was no one else present in that crowded building, just he and I. Our eyes were locked, he raised his right hand and pointed at me. He said:

The presence of the Lord Almighty is on you! You, sir, are walking and will walk in a grand manner in the Kingdom, followed and surrounded by supernatural power. The Lord of Hosts has been waiting for you.

The moment was over. We left several minutes later.

I dreamed dreams of the Kingdom. When I woke, the verse above found it’s way before my eyes.

Yeah, I want it…