Acting like young folks

Me and the queen got a good thing going on (yes, I’m aware the grammar is incorrect).

Pushing on to twenty years hitched together, we’re finding that things are getting hotter, funner and better than twenty years ago. We hear young couples talking about “date nights;” we do date months, with a weekend off so we can catch our breath. 😀

Last night I decided to do something different, go somewhere new and not tell her til we got there.

Having heard so many of my buds tell me about the Surf House down at Carolina Beach, I decided to give ‘er a whirl.

What a fun night!

What would have been an hour or so turned into almost three. We ate (excellent), chatted with Brad (really nice guy), watched surfing films, shopped (ok, I held her sweater and she shopped) and I walked around admiring all the surf boards, acting like I knew what I was doing (throwing out surfing terms like “hang ten” and “surf and turf” to further convince the folks I was a real surfer dude!). We even had pumpkin spice cake, a mighty fine coffee, an organic black tea (exquisite!) and a cup of organic green tea.

Shucks! I got to feeling like all those youngsters talking about a date night. Shame they can’t act like young folks, like we did, but then enjoy the benefits of exotic middle age…


2 responses to “Acting like young folks

  1. Surf house is great. Brad and Craig are awesome guys. However, I will have a tough time getting that “benefits of exotic middle age” line out of my mind.

  2. Though I said “exotic,” it could have been more correctly stated as “erotic.” However, this is a child-friendly blog where 20- and 30-somethings are encouraged to read it. They wouldn’t be able to understand the distinction nor the implication. 😀

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