Tax collectors

I renewed my car tag this morning.

In all the years I’ve done this, and in three different states, my experience has always been less than warm. The folks behind the counter are always dour, sullen, scowling and just plain negative (even mean). The only reason I even return is that the law dictates I have a current tag every year.

Two things come to mind:

First, why? I understand that there is no competition; once the government gives the contract, there is no consequence. These are the proverbial tax collectors who receive funds designated for the state while taking their cut from a guaranteed income. They do not have to perform; like it or lump it, but you still have to pay them. However, should there not be some emphasis on customer relations?

Second, what does this do to the employee who has to fill this role? Imagine having to do what they do (force the people to pay an obligatory tax) and the type of folks they have to deal with daily. Who wouldn’t be sullen? What do these people do when they go home at night… kick their dog and yell at their husband?

This also brings up another thing that sprung to my mind as I stood in line. How often does the church present itself in the very same way?

When the frequenters of a church act and live as though they are sucking on lemons, why would anyone want what they’re offering? Just because you hold the keys to the Kingdom doesn’t give you the right to deny them to those who don’t have them.

Shouldn’t we be more like Matthew AFTER he met Jesus?

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