Didn’t it used to always be like this?

We have adopted a restaurant.

Typically you would adopt a child or a pet; a restaurant is a bit strange.

We like to eat light in the evenings; we like coffee and bagels in the morning. We found a place that allows us to do both; so, we tend to stop in often. This has allowed us to get to know several of the employees and managers on a first name basis.

They treat us like family and we return the compliment.

Last night we stopped in for a bowl of soup. Yolanda, Denise and Dave all came out to check on us and to chitchat a bit. We traded stories of how our day had gone, laughed at a joke and swapped genuine smiles.

They tell us that we’re a bright spot in their day.

Isn’t this supposed to be how we live?


One response to “Didn’t it used to always be like this?

  1. Yep…and we’re supposed to have a phone operator that we know by name…something like Hilda. And we always wave and smile at our next door neighbor on our way to work and say, “Hiya Marv! Yard’s looking pretty plush!”

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