What’s he done now?

Ever had a friend that continuously gets you into trouble?

Growing up I did. In college I did. Now I do again.

He and trouble seem to be buddies because it is always following him around (which means I get drug into it as well!). He hangs out with the wrong folks, he goes places he shouldn’t, says the oddest things at the most inappropriate times. He can be really funny, but the audience doesn’t usually get the joke. Most folks have a difficult time taking him seriously.

Because of him I’ve been called out of bed a number of times in the wee hours of the night. He’s always throwing my name around to people who need assistance.

He always gets me in trouble. I really like the guy, but the more I hang out with him, the more it seems to put me in uncomfortable situations.

What kind of a friend is that?

I wonder if he is latin… he goes by Jesus.


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