Ezekiel has always been a problem for me.

All those years ago while in seminary, I struggled to make sense of it. It didn’t “flow.” Being transparently honest, I had problems ezekielswheelwith most of the prophetic books; Ezekiel was simply more exceptionally problematic for me. I know that part of my failure was to see “the big picture.”

I’ve been drawn back into the book over the last couple of days and it appears to be coming alive for me in some totally unexpected ways.

I am profoundly drawn to the way God presented himself. It radically messed the fellow up! And he didn’t do it just once. In a short period of two weeks God shows up three times. Poor ol’ Ezekiel. All he could do was sit, stunned, for a solid week after the first encounter:

I sat… for seven days-overwhelmed.

I’ve never had that happen. In fact, for most of my years I didn’t want that to happen. Way too weird.

Something has changed…


3 responses to “Zeke

  1. OOOH… Holy Spirit Flow Brother Joe!

  2. It has been. I’ve been keeping up with your post though. Btw, did that wig I sent ever come in?

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