Yesterday morning I was having a get together with a couple of guys.

It was intense. It was good. It was holy.

Last night at supper my wife asked me, “Who was that guy in there with you this morning?” She’d come to the office with me and was working in the back. We guys were meeting in the “glass room” in the front of the office. While we were meeting, she came out to the front to get something, glanced over to the glass room where we were, then went back to where she was working.

Her query was in regards to the fifth person in the meeting who she didn’t know. My quizzical look caused her to describe him to me: athletic-looking, short blond hair, 30ish, medium to tall in stature. And, he was smiling an amazing smile. “I think he came with Kim (one of the fellows in the gathering),” she added.

I thought she was joking.

“What?” she asked indignantly.

“There were only four of us there,” I said.

“No, there were five of you. I thought it was neat that Kim had brought along a young friend.”

I’ve heard something like this before.



2 responses to “Visitor

  1. It seems to me that a “smiling” angel is a definite plus. Its when they start to frown that clearing the area might be a matter of prudence. Personally, I am enjoying the effects of one reason he may have been smiling.

  2. patrickandchristy

    Supernaturally awesome! What a blessing from God. That’s the type of meetings I long for. Wish I could have been there with you guys but the commute is rough so…..

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