I was watching one of the recurrent themes on America’s Funniest Videos last night — cats doing stupid things.pet007

There was a big, fat cat sitting on the kitchen floor; there was a loud noise that startled him and he instantly went from sitting to running. The problem was he couldn’t get any traction on the smooth floor. He was running as hard as he could but going nowhere.

He was going nowhere, very fast.

Talking with a mother whose daughter is sick yesterday I see the same thing. The day was full of the same — a pastor who realizes he’s never understood what he’s told his parishioners, a woman who feels trapped in her marriage, a man burnt out from a job that has accomplished nothing, the posturing of a Christian who thinks he knows it all… running hard, getting nowhere.

Hopeless, weak, without purpose.

Quite a contrast with words spoken by  a fellow who claims to be God: anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works

Could it be…


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