To kill a computer

dtc021What is it with computers?

Is artificial intelligence so far advanced that it is being used nefariously by the manufacturers? How else can you account for the timing that always occurs when one of these electronic marvels decides to die on you? It never occurs at a convenient time, never.

My trusty steed bit the dust this week. He was only four years old, for crying out loud. Yes, I did have backups (that was a hard lesson learned multiple times). However, that still doesn’t account for all the work required to reload, reconfigure and prep the new beast for it’s new work load.

Why can’t they tell you, “Hey! I’m having a really rough time and am about to go memory chips up. You’d better get a replacement in here so you can prepare him over the weekend while you’ve got some free time. If not, I’m going to die at the worst possible moment.”

That would be a really nice feature.

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