Dang pigs!

I am soooo sick (pardon the pun) of the piggy flu! Those swine have been really busy or else they have a good PR agent.

If I have to answer one more question, calm one more person, explain one more time, I think I’ll explode. So, you’ll probably hear a loud pop or boom very shortly.

That will be me!


2 responses to “Dang pigs!

  1. So, Dr. Carr, I’ve got a couple hundred questions about this Swine Flu thingy…..I ate pork chops for dinner last night. Can I catch it from that? Also, I’m supposed to go to a pig-picking next weekend. Should I wear one of those hepa masks? I’ve gotten the vaccine about eight times now. Do you think an even ten wil be sufficient? And somebody told me that this flu started because the government got mad about Oprah’s public support of President Obama and purposefully released it on the public out of spite. Is that true?

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