Sick of it!

Piggy flu makes me want to vomit… and I don’t even have it.

Millions of parents are talking about this important question in light of the U.S. Government’s fast-tracking of millions of vaccines intended for school children across the country this October. Parents are asking important questions vital to the health and welfare of their children. How will these vaccines be tested to make sure they’re safe? What solid evidence does the government have that these experimental vaccines are necessary or effective? Are state governments prepared to obey vaccine safety provisions in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? Who will be held responsible if the vaccine is not safe and harms children? Will children be forced to receive the vaccines or will parents be able to make that choice?

These and other important questions for parents and their children are addressed in this special video produced by the National Vaccine Information Center and presented by its Founder and President, Barbara Loe Fisher.


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