Odd how change comes about.

Sometimes you go looking for it; sometimes it comes looking for you. Change that is fundamental to who you are, how you think, the manner in which you respond is not that which occurs everyday. However, it doesn’t just occur and is finished.

I am surprised at how many are resistant to it; I’m shocked at how antagonist I have been to it.

I am in awe how the Spirit brings it about.

(Isn’t it interesting that if I’d said: “I am in awe how God brings it about,” that most would be ok with it; when I substitute “Spirit” for “God” it makes you uncomfortable.)

Coming off a few days of exploration of issues that bring about change with the folks at Mahesh and friends, I have once more had to reach into my bag of certainties and throw a few more away. I’ve been blessed to have a few new perspectives replace them.

Perhaps I’ll flesh some of them out a bit in the coming posts.


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