Dag gum Bible changers!

Somebody went and did it again!rbee_64

I wasn’t paying attention and somebody snatched my Bible and changed the wording when I wasn’t looking.

First, they copied a verse out of Ephesians 1:19-20 and put it in Romans 8:11. The amazing thing is that it looks like they did a fabulous job because it just slips right in.

Then they put in Romans 8:30, which I know wasn’t there before. I have read this chapter before, you know. So don’t think you can pull one over me (I know that whoever did this is probably reading my blog… they get a vicarious jolt out of seeing me perplexed).

Seriously, the Ephesians/Romans switch was masterful; but this verse 30 one… com ‘on! We all know the “everything works for good” bit in verse 28; a perfect proof text for when things go bad (is that what he’s really saying?). Look, just follow this crazy reasoning: God chooses us (ok), he calls us (that flies), this results in us being 100% acceptable to Him (excuse me?) and then the ridiculous part — He gives us HIS glory!?

An obvious hoax! You expect me to swallow that? He’s given ME HIS glory? Have you ever read the Old Testament about His glory? And you think I’ve got that? If I did, why, I’d be able to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, walk on water, throw mountains into the ocean.

Like I said, it doesn’t fly.

Quit messing with my Bible!


2 responses to “Dag gum Bible changers!

  1. BUT! BUT! BUT! What if its not a hoax! What if we REALLY do have access to such power and its not somethin believers have to go out and find or work up or learn or achieve? What if it is already in us and all we have to do is activate it by S-I-M-P-L-E belief? Impossible right? There’s that word again….impossible.

    “The church is designed to infiltrate realms of impossibility.” – BillJohnson

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