Aretha Franklin did a bangup job with the song, but Satan does a masterful job with the application.

He certainly has mine. Respect, that is.

Say what you like, he roams around like a lion looking for lunch, he’s got lots of darts/arrows to chunk at us, he’s a snake, a liar and comes to steal, kill and destroy. All true, all powerful. But the verbiage is deceiving and lulls us into a false sense of safety and accomplishment. Paint the boogieman bad enough and he becomes fictional and childish. He can’t be that bad, it isn’t possible.

I’ve watched him come after, and dismantle, several folks over the last few days. These aren’t your average, dull and listless, only go to church on Sunday believers. Each of them has shown and have walked in power that most would find enviable. They all gave him respect, acknowledging his strength.

But he still got ’em. A sniper shot from long distance, a surprise attack in the dark, showing up when least expected, he picked each of them off with no more effort than we’d swat a fly.

He’s had thousands of years of experience, he plays for keeps. Respect him or become his next notch.


One response to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Yep, its all true, but there’s a few of us planning a little pilfering excursion to steal back some things from him, and to kill his plans, and totally destroy any strongholds he thinks he’s secured in our lives. Time to do some stealing, killing and destroying of our own. Anbody with me?!

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