You better watch it, bucko! (4 of 4)

buck·o, n. pl.
1. A blustering or bossy person.
2. A generic nickname used when referring either to a friend or a jerk.

Be strong and courageous… Joshua 1:6

Would you dare walk up to a stranger in the mall who had an obvious ailment and ask them if you could pray that God might heal them?

Why not?

If what you believe about Jesus is real, why wouldn’t you? Could it be that you don’t really believe what he said?

I don’t think I can heal anybody. I do believe that God is a bit more powerful than me. He never told me that I had to heal anyone; he did tell me to go and let him heal through me. If the person is healed I can’t take the credit; if he isn’t, I can’t take the blame. All I have to do is go.

But I don’t. Why?


That stops the whole process because I never allowed the process to begin. My unbelief as a Christian stops the power of God. If I’m not courageous, I can’t see the supernatural invading the natural; if I’m not courageous, if I don’t act, I don’t have the opportunity to be in the presence of the divine. My venue says it doesn’t happen, I have no mentor telling me I can do it and I don’t have the courage to step into the impossible.

I don’t see people healed and I don’t think the whole thing works. Strike three, I’m out, Satan wins, God loses and I pretend that I’m walking authoritatively and in power.

You better watch it, bucko…


One response to “You better watch it, bucko! (4 of 4)

  1. OK…here we go. That sound you hear may be the train of opportunity rumbling down the tracks in our direction. Time either get out of the way or catch it and get on board. I’m ready to let some of this happen… about you Bucko (as used in reference to friend)?

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