This past Friday and Saturday evenings I went to hear Leif Hetland speak.

Leif heads up a missions organization called Global Missions Awareness. He has my unabashed admiration. He goes where most of us wouldn’t even consider going and does what most of us look at in absolute amazement. He is an inspiration and is one of my “superheroes” of faith.

He spoke on the concept of “sonship.” Simple concept, dynamite implications. Another buddy of mine was at the same event and when he saw me Sunday morning he said, “You need to talk about sonship.”

Leif based his discourse on 1 Kings 19 and spilled over into 2 Kings. The short story is that Elijah is told to anoint Jehu king, anoint Elisha a prophet and to do away with Jezebel. He anoints Elisha but doesn’t get around to anointing Jehu. Jezebel comes after him after he defeats the prophets of Baal. He escapes, grants a double portion of his power to Elisha and is taken away in a fiery chariot. Elisha anoints Jehu king and does away with Jezebel.

Elisha was the spiritual son of Elijah. What Elijah didn’t accomplish, his spiritual son did. He learned from his spiritual father, inherited a double portion of his power, accomplished double the miracles of Elijah AND fulfilled Elijah’s commission.

The son honors his father and achieves much more than the father ever did.

Jesus was the Father’s son. He taught his disciples to be sons. They achieved more than he. We are sons. Much more is available to us to accomplish the impossible.

I think I’ll be developing this a bit more…


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