Questions… and answers

Have you rested up from your trip yet?

This is the number one question I’ve received since getting back from Brazil not quite a week ago. The answer is: “No!”

I’ve had to hit the ground running and I feel like I’m running out of steam. This week doesn’t appear to be offering up any free time for down time. And that brings up the second most asked question.

Is this really worth it?

Hmmm… I believe the correct answer would be:

You can bet your sweet bippy!

Talking with a fellow in Ubaúna on our last day there a week and a half ago, he made a simple statement. He said, “there would have been a lot of dead children around here had you not done what you’ve been doing.”Three-Children

Excuse me? I had to ask him to repeat his statement. When he did, he further added,

We have neglected our responsibility, the politicians have turned their backs on their responsibility and the Evangelicals, Catholics and spiritists have all ignored what was in front of them. You have come from thousands of miles, asked for nothing, and have made a tremendous difference in our community. You have shown us that there are people who actually care; you have showed us what Jesus looks like.

Wow! Rested up from my trip? Give me a ticket, I’m heading back!


2 responses to “Questions… and answers

  1. patrickandchristy

    I would say, from the perspective of one of the missionaries, that Gospel for Brazil has truly shown me (us all I would think) who Jesus really is and what Jesus looks like. Sometimes we need reminding too.

    What a powerful statement from someone that intimately understands. These children are so precious and such beautiful little creations of God that it’s hard to fathom how so many people can turn their backs on them, especially those that call Jesus their Lord.

    Every second spent in preparation, anticipation, expectation and in Brazil, every penny spent, all time invested and every “sacrifice” and “inconvenience” made to bring the real mercy, grace and love of Christ to the people of Brazil has been so worth it. It’s not even a discussion.

    A prayer that I found myself praying often in Brazil this go’round was one of Thanksgiving, “Thank you Lord for bringing me to this place!” What an honor to do even the smallest task for the Kingdom of God.

  2. One thing is quite clear regarding you, Dr. Joe! The mission that God has given to to you is not hindered by national boundaries. There is a poverty and a deep need for healing of body, mind and spirit here in the U.S. that in a very real sense exceeds even that of any third world nation and people. You have my unending admiration for the manner in which you model the heart (if not the stamina) of Christ to apply your gifts in making the Kingdom of God and its power available to all.

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