Triple-braided cord-ers

Everybody needs somebody who believes in them.

The sad reality is that so few do.

I met yesterday morning with a group of fellows who not only believe in me but in the mission that drives me. Beyond simply encouraging me, they back their words with actions. That is the type of stuff that makes heroes out of the stableboy, that make the impossible possible, that causes mountains to be thrown into the ocean.

The words of the Writer of Wisdom are inspired and powerful:

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.


4 responses to “Triple-braided cord-ers

  1. Well, my brother, I believe in you too, but not because of you. I believe in the One that I see in you, and I believe with all my heart that you are sold out to Him. Its not hard to follow someone that you know is being led by an infallible Guide. I thank God for you!

  2. You are one of my “cords.”

  3. As I sit here thinking of what to write, I realize that Eddie nailed it on the head. I merely echo what he has said. Both you and Arimar are vital in my life. So amazing, that two mighty warriors for the kingdom, kicking in the gates of hell, stepping in the gap to battle on behalf of others, are right around the corner….well, when you are in the country that is 🙂 I have just been so unbelieveably moved and shaken because of little questions you have asked or blunt statements Arimar has made. I’m thankful. I guess I always envied people that were married. Not just because they have someone to talk to, but because they have someone to pray with, to stand with, to battle with, but I never really realized that other people can do that as well. That though marriage is good, that God isn’t defined by circumstances. Thanks for helping me see that 🙂

  4. patrickandchristy

    You and Arimar are buried so deeply into our hearts that we can’t comprehend you guys not being a part of our lives, even though we don’t often get to sit down with you guys and just be together. We love you guys so much and thank God that He allowed us to be a small part of your lives and what God is doing in Brazil. You two are constantly in our prayers, and we’ll always be there for you in any way we can. Love ya Bro, love ya Sis.

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