The Farmhouse

The-FarmhouseOf notoriety on par with that of Jesse James, “the farmhouse” in Ubaúna is the base of operations for mission trips into this region. Often made out to be worse than it really is, the farmhouse is primarily used for sleeping, or at least what passes for that.

Wildlife abounds; frogs in an amazing variety of sizes, tarantulas, snakes, rats, goats, lambs, cows, hawks, buzzards, lizards and so on. Some are so friendly that they want to sleep with you or accompany you to the bathroom. Others just like being where you are.

Accommodations are not quite of the five-star classification, the air conditioning isn’t quite up to par and the traffic can be a wee bit noisy at times.

I hear more screams, both male and femail, in the course of a week than I hear over an entire year while residing in the farmhouse. Typically because something as silly as a frog has jumped on someone or a little spider was found in someone’s hammock, but sometimes for “other” reasons.

Affectionately christened as “the clubhouse” on this last visit, the place actually becomes an object of affection. Folks who’ve stayed there look at it with longing and recognize it for the purpose it serves; they know that they’ve encountered what might be called a portal between the natural and the supernatural while they’ve been there.

Most do not leave it without being transformed.

The farmhouse is definitely an interesting place…


4 responses to “The Farmhouse

  1. patrickandchristy

    Joe, Barbara was hilarious about the farmhouse. She told Christy and I that it was a “health hazard.”

    When we first arrived, Christy made the comment that the farmhouse was in good shape and cleaner than previously, and Barbara told us later that she was thinking Christy was out of her mind and thankful she hadn’t seen it previously.

    It’s all about perspective. If you look at it as a fun adventure, then it really adds flavor to the trip.

  2. patrickandchristy

    By the way, I think she grew rather fond of the ol’girl as we all do.

  3. Aaawwww…I love the farmhouse!! I can close my eyes and be right back at it!! Even the little slimy suckers that were awaiting for you to flush the toilet before making their appearance flying through the air at you!! (Thats why I grabbed the string, and got as close to the door as possible, before pulling the string for the flush…I could take off running!!) What about the tarantula that came walking up at prayer time!! I love the farm house…it is much missed!!

  4. “THE FARMHOUSE” ??? wasn’t that the top secete location for the filming of the wild TV show in the 60’s called “Outer Limits?

    I love the farmhouse; the Ol’ Girl has helped to tranform me from a typical cozy American in my comfort zone to a dangerous follower of Christ. No one has ever came for a visit and left unchanged. Garry

    By the way Joe, I no longer think of the farmhouse as a health hazzard. I know that is was God’s way of gently humbling me. It was an experience of a lifetime. I will always think of her fondly. Barbara

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