I’m thankful

This is tough to write…

I told you about John Paul and Rose yesterday. Now I want to share with you a reality that I have to live with.Seed-of-Hope

We have 115 children currently sponsored through Seed of Hope. We have an additional 500 children who need sponsorship. These are children who are living in homes where the average income is less that $100 a month and there are at least 6 people in the home. Many of these children live in homes where there are 10+ people in the homes.

We have lost 17% of the initial sponsors of these children. Twenty folks have had to stop their sponsorship; for the majority it has been due to conditions beyond their control. For some, they said they couldn’t see the value of it; others were more honest and simply said they didn’t want to be bothered by it any more. Worse, some just stopped sending checks and gave no explanation.

I have no problem with someone wanting out of their commitment, regardless of the reason. I do have a problem telling a child that he can’t eat any more.

So, I don’t.

We are $600 short every month in feeding the kids. We have been blessed in being able to make this up in one way or the other for the last three months. It has been an interesting exercise in creativity; from a personal perspective, it has been a fascinating faith builder for me.

I’m not asking for funds; I’m wanting to thank those who are being faithful from the bottom of my heart. When I have those moments when I absolutely do not think I can continue, when the beast seems to be far too big, when I am sensing despair, I think of you and the Spirit revives me.

Please accept my humble gratitude for all you do for these kids in the name of Jesus.


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  1. Your site has been a great inspiration.

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