Braggin’ on my childrens…

FootpaintWe had amazing talent on this trip to Brazil.

I could just let that sentence stand by itself and it would be enough.


Since there was such amazing talent, I want to start showing it off! We had two dynamite and professional photographers with us: Amber Currin and Jen Griffin. We had a professional videographer, Travis Currin. We had a professional band (and they are really good, too!): Wrent Band (Brady and Jennafer White). We even had a professional Brazilian band: Megafone. Then we had the super amazing, traveling road show GFB “choir” composed of Tiffany Poston, Hannah Morrison, Bonnie LaClaire, Kelly Cannon, Josh Stephens, Patrick and Christy Loyd, Garry and Barbara Colsen, Hal Griffin and keyboard/guitar virtuoso Paul Tyndall.

Some of this talent will be finding it’s way here in the form of images, video, sound, etc., over the next few weeks.

But I’ve got something to show you right now. If you will follow this link, you’ll get an eyeful of some of the activities that occurred on this trip.


3 responses to “Braggin’ on my childrens…

  1. You forgot stinkin’ AWESOME face painting artist Bonnie LaClaire! 😉 Can’t wait to hear all the stories of what God did!

  2. Amazing!!! I recognized alot of faces in the pictures!! AAaaawww. Looks like you guys had an amazing time..cant wait to hear the stories!!

  3. the photography was fantastic!!! Caught an amazing glimpse to Brasil!! Amazing!!

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