Home again, sort of…

We arrived back in Fortaleza last night, had a bite to eat, then crashed. Almost literally.

Today has been a hurry-hurry day. We started with a baptism (more on that soon), then off we went to downtown Fortaleza to run some errands. A large contingent of the group just left to go to the downtown central market and will be back in a few hours so we can have our last meal as a group together here at the hotel.

We’ll be heading to the airport a 8:00 pm to hop the flight back to Atlanta at 11:00 tonight.

The trip will then officially be history.

I’ve got much to post. So much happened, so much will be happening, as a result of this trip. I’m not returning with the group tonight; I was scheduled to speak at a missions conference in south Brazil this weekend, but the conference was canceled at the last minute due to widespread sickness in the region.

This is actually a blessing in disguise. I’ll be able to have several meetings here in Fortaleza with some key people and even have a chance to wind down somewhat from the trip to the interior. Much posting will be prepared.

A heads up to those interested in making such a trip… I’ll be announcing the next trip in just a few weeks, so keep watching.

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