Not dark, but gray

Sorry that my posts have been so few.

I’ve had lousy Internet connection here in Ubauna. I can get an occasional signal and get out a tweet ( but actually using my computer is out of the question. My iPhone has to be the greatest invention since sliced bread — without it I couldn’t post anything anywhere.

Since we heading up 3000 feet to Tiangua, I actually have a decent carrier signal on my iPhone and am attempting a real live post.

I used to say I was “going dark” when I went to Ubauna. I think it more appropriate to say now that I go “gray.”

The trip has been fabulous. We’re on Day 5 of the hop into the interior of Ceara. Last night we blew out Ubauna in a flurry of healings (approximately 55) and a powerful presentation of the Word that was confirmed by those supernatural actions. This resulted in folks accepting Jesus.

I never tire of seeing that occur.

Today we are Tiangua, a very dark place. We get to shine Jesus and dispel that darkness.

I wish I could share that blessing with everyone…


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