I need help, seriously

No, not that kind!

I’d like to ask that twenty-five of you commit to pray for the miraculous to occur here in Ubaúna today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Further, I’d ask that you do so at 4:00 p.m. EST both days.

Tonight Megafone takes to the stage and the anticipation of it has this little town running at fever pitch. The possibilities of what could happen are staggering.

Would you join with us, even if only a simple “Lord bless them,” in asking the Lord of harvest to do what only he can do and in a manner that only he can achieve?

I’d love to see you leave a comment that you’ll join us.

Who knows what might happen…


8 responses to “I need help, seriously

  1. I’m in.

  2. 4PM EST? Hmmm…Let me check my busy schedule…….Nope, nothing more important than doing work on behalf of the Kingdom and for God to reveal Himself in wondrous ways! What I wish is that I could be there to pray in person with you! We love you guys and we love what you’re doing!

  3. I’ll be praying! So proud of all you are doing! Praying for the whole team and the lives you are about to change. (Hope Tiff is doing good).
    Love and prayers!

  4. I’m totally in! Like Eddie, I wish I was there in person, but God is omnipresent and can hear us and respond no matter what part of the world we’re all in! Great things are going to happen this weekend!!! 🙂

  5. Prayers have nearly been constant and continuous. May God’s hand be sure, move through His anointed and add to His kingdom!

  6. Didn’t read this yesterday (Friday) but will deffinetely pray specifically today at 4pm, though I have been praying regularly.

  7. I’m praying for a special move of GOD’s spirit.. “Reveal yourself as LORD in a special way”

  8. missed yesterday but will today!

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