Wednesday morn


I’m impressed.

You’ve got to understand that I’m not one who is easily impressed with folks, especially in the spiritual arena. Unfortunately we, as Americans who claim to be Jesus followers, are the spiritual infants on this globe. The “foreigners” typically tend to be giants in comparison with our lack of spiritual acuity.

Sad, but true.

This crew who has made the trip to Brazil with me appears to want to be different. They’re hungry and chomping at the spiritual bits to be turned loose. Our time together yesterday was peaked with a time of worship with some Brazilian Christians and I was proud of the way our folks “jumped in the deep end of the pool” with them.


Today, we’re saddling up and heading into the interior of the state. Ubaúna is our next stop. Two buses full of people and gear. Loads of expectation, anticipation and a mild touch of hesitation.

Next stop… Ubaúna.

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