The same thing, only different

For the first time since 2004, a trip to Ubaúna will involve more than Ubaúna.

It will definitely involve Ubaúna. There will be more activity occurring in this little village than has ever taken place there. We have people descending on it from two different countries and a total of six different states (three from the U.S. and three from Brazil).

The sheer number of the workers has been a work of logistical wizardry. Coordinating, planning, training over the distance of thousands of miles is something that I could never have imagined when I lived in the country back in the eighties. Eighteen Americans and seventeen Brazilians, thirty-five team members with one purpose — expanding the Kingdom.

But, this activity will also take place in two other locations for the express purpose of establishing and fortifying the church in them.

Our targets? Tianguá and Araticum.

Strange sounding names that will begin to grace the pages of this blog much in the same manner that the equally odd sounding Ubaúna has.

This trip is about giving birth; birthing a stronger, more mature church in Ubaúna and bring new life into existence in Tianguá and Araticum.

Maybe I’ll pass out cigars…


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