Upsetting the apple cart

This past weekend was a milestone for me in terms of my understanding of  a bushel basket full of things that concern what I’d broadly call “faith.”

I was at a conference in Charlotte where two of the individuals who’ve had a profound influence on my spiritual development were holding sway over an audience of approximately 2,000 folks. Mahesh Chavda and Bill Johnson, names that many—if not most—of you will have no idea who they are, spoke for a combined time of almost 12 hours over two days.

I think the proper expression would be that I got my world rocked.

My ode yesterday was indicative of just a minuscule amount of what occurred. I sincerely am having to process a tremendous amount of stimulation and information that rings absolutely true… my biblical, theological, missiological and spiritual orientation that has been cultivated by the Spirit over the last 30+ years hit my faith beach like a massive tsunami.

Or maybe it was hit by the tsunami.

And I was, and still am, reveling in it.

Now I get to go to the desert of northeastern Brazil to ruminate on it. Interesting things always happen there…

4 responses to “Upsetting the apple cart

  1. Debbie & Duane

    Would love to hear more….when do you all leave for Ubauna? We need to chat upon your return…pls. let us know how we can be praying for you.

    • You need to hear more. Seriously. I’ll probably try to figure out some time in September to come your way. Wise counsel is always desired, perhaps now more than ever.

      We leave Sunday, the 2nd.

      Would love to chat before leaving, just don’t know if it will happen. Shall I say “I’m busy?” Methinks that is an understatement! :-))

  2. You seem agitated.

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