There’s no wizard behind the curtain

Do you know the difference between anticipation and expectation?

I am anticipating my upcoming trip to Brazil (in one week, in fact) but I am expecting exciting things to happen. They are not the same, though they can be similar.

Last night, I experienced expectancy; expectancy that things are going to happen, to me, in the heavenly realms. I’ve held an anticipation for a long time and have seen it increase in more recent times. But I’ve never experienced this sense of expecting it to happen, a knowing that it is present and simply waiting for me to call it into reality.

I’m not psycho-babbling, though I’m probably not being clear; I probably shouldn’t be posting because I’m still struggling to wrap my mind around what has, and is, occurring.

I can easily say that the ol’ mind isn’t functioning as sharp as it should be; I didn’t get back to my hotel room until close to 1:00 a.m. and I’m now up after a few hours sleep trying to gather my stuff so I can leave. But that isn’t my problem.

I’ve been exposed to, and taken to, what Paul calls the “heavenly realm.” And it is that which is giving me the difficulty in expressing what I’ve experienced.

No trance, no vision, no being whisked away the the third heavens. Rather, I’ve been quite simply, and elegantly, pushed through the curtain and been allowed to take a look at what is actually behind it.

I know most of you won’t watch this, but these give a visual of what I’m trying to explain about expectancy. There are four in this piece, but you can watch any one and get a sense of what it’s about; if you only want to watch a small piece, simply watch the first minute and a half of the fourth video:

Yeah, I’ll be posting more.


One response to “There’s no wizard behind the curtain

  1. yeh right.. great post, Thank You

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