Is it deja vu if it’s happened before?

Ever heard someone repeating your words back to you, but you’ve never spoken to them before?

Such is happening to me this weekend at the conference I’m attending at Mahesh Chavda’s All Nation Church. I’m hearing what I’ve been saying, thinking and even dreaming coming back at me from the mouths of other people. I even commented to my queen that “they’re stealing my stuff!” To which she adroitly replied, “Oh! So you wrote a book?” (All of the speakers have and I’ve read them was her point… I think)

I’ll admit that this is good stuff, heady stuff. It’s coming at a great time for me since I’m getting on an airplane to head for the desert of northeastern Brazil in a week. I commented in a Tweet yesterday:

I feel like a race horse ready to run! I’m gonna burst if I can’t proclaim what’s being poured into my heart–Brazil can’t get here too fast

The grammar may not be correct but the sentiment is overpowering.

Saddling up for another round today…


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