Brazil north with Mahesh Chavda?

I’m off at All Nations Church in Fort Mill, SC attending a conference featuring Mahesh Chavda and Bill Johnson.

These are two individuals who’ve had a profound influence on my life over the last few years and I was thrilled to be able to catch both of them at one event. In some ways this is the equivalent to a trip to DisneyWorld: I get to have fun, experience the exotic, ride thrill rides that catch my breadth and sleep in a lumpy hotel bed.

Most of us would call that “vacation.”

I prefer to look at it as pre-Brazil trip training. All of the above is true of a trip to Ubaúna, Brazil, only on lots and lots of steroids! And I’m sleeping in a bed inside instead of a hammock outside. And I have air conditioning. And I have Panera’s to wake up to. And I don’t have critters, nor frogs. And there’s hot water. And it’s not that hot…

Ok, so it’s nothing like Brazil.

I’m on vacation…


One response to “Brazil north with Mahesh Chavda?

  1. much deserved too! Have a great time Joe!

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