My man Wesley, or what do you do in Ubaúna?

I continuously get the question asked of me, “What do you do when you are in Ubauna?”

There are so many things I could say, so many imagines I could describe.  But I think the best way to answer that question is to introduce you to Wesley.

My-Man-WesleyWesley is what happens in Ubaúna. Wesley is a 10-year old who is as smart as a whip. Shy and timid, he tends to pull back in a crowd and is very self conscious when he is single out. His answers are typically short and often a simple “yes” or “no.” His eyes speak volumes. He comes alive in Bible classes.

His father is involved in Macumba, the black magic voodoo-like religion that actively calls spirits and demons to incorporate the participant’s body. Wesley was traumatized when his father was possessed and literally ate a live chicken, feathers, bones, blood and all.

He became even more withdrawn after that.

Wesley is the reason I go to Ubaúna.

I could say that bringing the Light into an area of darkness is what I do; I could say that watching Wesley begin to fill out his skinny little body because he now has food on a regular basis is what I do; I could say that seeing him smile because he has what he calls his “nice” clothes that were donated by folks in the U.S. and doesn’t feel so self-conscious when he goes to school is what I do.

The truth is, what I do in Ubaúna is become Jesus to people who don’t know him. I see the Wesley’s as he sees them, I become his hands and feet and hug them like he does. I instill the impossible into the Wesley’s, helping them to be transformed by the Power that raised Jesus from the dead.

Wesley, and hundreds thousands just like him, is what I do in Ubaúna.


2 responses to “My man Wesley, or what do you do in Ubaúna?

  1. praise God brother Joe! Praise God!

  2. patrickandchristy

    Beautifully and simply put! It’s really not that complicated is it?

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