What Jesus meant to say…

I was toying with a topic the other day when a blog that I follow popped up that had already dealt with the same issue.

Joey Shaw over at strategicnetwork.org (good blog Joey! Go check him out!) posted “5 Common Great Commission Myths.” While I’m not going to reproduce it here (though it is a temptation!), his main points were:

Myth #1: Accidental discipleship — simply “doing life” with others is the way to make disciples: “If they ask me, I’ll tell them.”

Myth #2: Crossing cultures is a step beyond the general mandate, i.e., only select missionaries are called to cross cultures in order to make disciples.

Myth #3: Jesus wants converts.

Myth #4: When I am ready and able, I will start making disciples.

Myth #5: Making disciples is great advice.


7 responses to “What Jesus meant to say…

  1. I love what I heard someone say…. “Its the Great Commission, not the Great Suggestion.”

  2. “For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law; but desire to have you circumcised, that they may glory in your flesh.” Galatians 6 teaches the difference between religion and discipleship. Paul doesn’t condemn circumcision, but forced circumcision, in which people circumcised others and celebrated new recruits. These false disciples are still around, and I hope some of them read your blogs, Joe.

  3. Funny how sum peeple feel they havent been cald to be an evanjalist or be a mishunary. There callin is to do sumthin else. Scuse me, but my Bible says “GO” — it dont say “GO if you feel sum kinda callin.” You alredy been cald. Just GO!

    Kinda like dem Nike commershals, “Just Do It!”

  4. patrickandchristy

    Honestly, everytime I hear a christian talk about not being “called” to do missions or reach the lost, I want to grab them by the throat and smack them silly. I don’t b/c I guess it wouldn’t be too christian like on my part but….

    It’s as if they think God or Christ is going to call them up on their Blackberry or iPhone and say, “Hey, I’m calling because I want you to go and reach the lost souls of this earth. Specifically, Brazil.” Reminds me of the song by Buffett titled, If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me.”

  5. Like Patrick, I’d like to “grab them by the throat and smack them silly” too, but that’s not my true calling. I’m more of a hit ’em in the head with a hammer kind of guy….now I could be called to that! Anybody got a mallet?

  6. patrickandchristy

    Hey Eddie, as long as you understand clearly your calling to “hit’em in the head with a hammer” then who can argue? I used to be that way but God has really been working on me. Maybe you’ll get there one day. LOL.

    It was awesome to get to meet you and your beautiful wife. Wish we could have spent some time together but that’ll come one day. Take care and keep on heading in the direction God is leading.

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