Boring church?

Ever been to a boring church?Worship03

Kinda sucky, isn’t it?

If you like boring, you’d best not show up at the Gospel for Brazil church in Ubaúna, Brazil. These folks are rockin’! They do not know what it means to behave in a “dignified” manner. They go all out, just like folks at a big ballgame! A hootin’ and a hollerin’, why you’d think they’re having a Worship01grand ol’ time.

This church hardly has two pennies to rub together. But that didn’t stop them from saving their tithes and offerings to be able to purchase an electric guitar and a drum set.

There are two things that are significant about that statement. First, in order to purchase these items, there was REAL sacrificial giving taking place. We’re talking about folks whose ANNUAL income doesn’t even reach $1,000; yes, I said “annual,” not monthly. Second, isn’t it interesting that the first thing they wanted to purchase were tools that would help them worship Jesus more intensely?


Even the kids got in on the action. Not about to be left behind, they are some of the most vocal and active worshipers in the church. There’s nothing that warms the cockles of this ol’ heart than to see these little tykes get wound up and then turned loose praising Jesus.

Maybe I’d better get down there and straighten them out.




2 responses to “Boring church?

  1. patrickandchristy

    Is this an aerobics class? I have been wanting to get into shape, and I’ve read that aerobic workouts are really good for you. Maybe I could go down and join them. Get some much needed exercise and do it in an “exotic” location.

    As for the church thing, we don’t need too much emotion, yelling and screaming with arms waving like windmills. Somebody may think we’re crazy and actually having fun. We all know church isn’t some place to have fun. It’s serious and a time for reflection and mediation on God’s Word and a time to repent for our week long run at being the Most Sinful Christian Hypocrite in the church. I’ve been in the running a few times but I’m getting too old now for that stuff.

    LOL. Loving it! Can’t wait to be down there worshipping with them. I think I’ll let my “spiritual hair” down a bit.

  2. patrickandchristy

    But, I don’t think I’m going to sit by the girl in pink on the front row. She might knock ya teeth out or something with those flying elbows.

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