Obedience is the new knowledge

Ever see the ol’ Bill Cosby routine where he uses the word “obey?” The routine is called “Who’s the Boss?” At about 1:50 into it, he starts in on the word “obey.” You gotta listen to it; it’s a classic! (for you younger folks, Bill Cosby ruled the comedy world in the 70’s)

So, I was chatting about the value of education in Christianity and how the most active, growing and vibrant Jesus followers seem to be doing the fabulous, incredible and even miraculous have little or no biblical education; while, those of us who’ve been bombarded with biblical knowledge feel woefully inadequate to serve.

What’s up with that?

Why do we continously stress education, knowledge and learning, base our corporate future on it, yet see the church in our society dying much faster than it is expanding? How might you explain this disconnect between reality and our perception of it?

It seems that the problem isn’t more education, it appears that we are lacking obedience. You might say that we Amercian Christians are educated beyond our obedience. We don’t need more education, we need to increase our faith in the Spirit and his Word. That directly results in obedience; joyfully, willingly and with anticipation of the results.

A perfect example is Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8. The two get together, the eunuch believes, even insists on baptism and then goes on to become the early church’s first international missionary, on his own, without training. All he had was the indwelling Spirit, doing what Jesus promised the Spirit would do… lead us to complete understanding.

So, just how does this thing work?

4 responses to “Obedience is the new knowledge

  1. Well said, sir. As one who is educated in spiritual matters well beyond my level of obedience (meaning: I attended Bible College and Seminary) I can tell you that this is totally true.

    The trick is finding the balance between what you know and how you go. If I knew how to find that balance… well… that’s another story. A few months back it hit me: Jesus didn’t teach his disciples about “pre-millenialism” or “election vs. free will”. His disciples were marked by the fact that they went where Jesus went and did what he told them to do. Crazy, huh?

  2. Yessir! Crazy as a loon.

    Might it be that it is there, in what we call “crazy,” that the real essence of eternal life –with all the power that it is supposed to have– lies?

    This really isn’t rocket scientistry, but it definitely is other-worldly.

  3. Took a while, but I am thankful that Holy Spirit has and continues to help me to unlearn and de-educate me in some of the areas of “religiosity” that I thought made me a pretty bright fellow and a better follower. Problem was I spent so much time thinking about that stuff, instead of following I often tried to lead Him and I always found myself like that little kid in the grocery store screaming for “Daddy!” I got to looking at all that candy on the shelves and forgot to keep up with the One who I was suppose to be with.

  4. Religion is a hard pill to swallow.

    Such a shame that it is equivalent to the blue pill offered by Morpheus that blinds you to the truth (The Matrix). Perhaps we might say that the Spirit is the red pill that opens your eyes to all the truth (I really like that movie! So many analogies to spiritual life.)

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