I don’t know nuttin’

I’ve noticed that a large number of folks who hail as Christians feel woefully inadequate and ill-prepared to serve God.

It doesn’t seem to matter if they are newbies or have multiple decades of being marked as a Christian under their belts. At least, it doesn’t seem to matter here in the U.S.

I can feel their pain.

Here’s an interesting question for you, how is it that you know far more of the Bible than teenage Christian girls in rural China who are starting hundreds of churches? How can early teens, followers of Jesus for not even a year, in Brazil’s desert northeast already be experiencing the miraculous and leading not only their peers but adults decades older than they to Jesus when they’ve had no “formal” training?

It sure isn’t knowledge. If it was, everyone of us would be out doing the very same thing. These are biblical illiterates.

Might it be associated with something beyond education? It seems that we are educated out the wazzo. I would dare to venture that more education isn’t the solution.

I’ve got a clue as to what it might be…


3 responses to “I don’t know nuttin’

  1. patrickandchristy

    Maybe these teenages who are biblically “ignorant” have the one thing that many don’t…the Holy Spirit. How can people do the miraculous when they deny it or strip the Holy Spirit of His power and authority. Kind of like writing a published book on the Holy Spirit but yet publically denying (and teaching) that most of the power and authority of the Holy Spirit is dead.

    I believe that the Holy Spirit prefers us receive Him in ignorance so He can then fill us with true knowledge and wisdom.

  2. Maybe it’s because we in the West are like unto the church of Laodicea that Jesus talked about in the book of Revelation. We think we are dressed, can see, and are rich towards God. We are instead, blind, naked and do not follow the Holy Spirit. The bible warns about 5 foolish and five wise virgins. The foolish ones are NOT doing the work of God, while the wise ones ARE. The foolish ones NEVER enter the Kingdom of Heaven…
    Thanks for listening,


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