Bill of goods

I could never convince you that God exists. Nor could I prove to you that the Bible actually came from him. Or that it was truthful.

Oh, believe me, in the past I sure thought I could. I even have the degrees to prove it hanging on my wall to this day. I thought I believed it, but I really didn’t. I thought I could sell it to others, and even did manage to close the deal on several, only to have them discover that what I was selling didn’t quite meet the advertised claims.

I saw it all come tumbling down around me. Experienced the wrath of those who still maintained the facade.

It didn’t make it any more or any less true.

Today something is different. Not only do I fully believe, but others know with a certainty that I do. I find that rather amusing.

Interestingly, folks who don’t “believe” find that they really do when allowed to question, examine, dissect and challenge. If no question is off limits, if anything can be asked, if all possibilities can be perused, most of us find that belief is a very real commodity. If we feel like someone is hiding something, trying to snooker us and sell us something that even they aren’t smoking, we reject it outright and are called antagonistic to the message in the process.

Many moons ago I was sold a bill of goods. I was snookered. Getting out of the contract cost me a bundle and almost cost me my life.

I have little tolerance for the keepers of orthodoxy who play charades with the faith; I will bend over backwards to assist others who are puzzled, curious and seeking.

I find that to be mildly humorous; I think the One does too…


3 responses to “Bill of goods

  1. Man, I love you! When we first met I wondered exactly why I was so drawn to you. Of course I know now. It was the Holy Spirit of a very real God telling me, “Boy, have a got somebody to introduce you to! He’s a kindred spirit who has suffered many of the same junk you’ve had to go through. Joe bought into the same lies you did and I have brought him through it better than he ever was, so its best that you give him a listen.” Honestly, until I finally began to unlearn alot of the garbage I had learned from the scammers, what you had to say often fell on deaf ears. You are a gift to me Joe. I thank God for you.

  2. But, you still drive me nuts sometimes! you make my brain ache! Ha ha ha!

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